środa, 27 maja 2009
Job Offer

Good morning,

I´m from outsourcing company Sellbytel and are urgently looking for Polish native speakers for our position TelePartner Relationship Manager.

Here is the advertisement.

I´ve tryied various ways how to contact Poles in Prague, we already employed 5 Poles, but  urgently need the 6th.

Couldn´t you please help me, where to look for Poles in Prague? Or couldn´t you send this advertisement to places, where could be available for Poles searching for job in Prague?i

Thank you very much, have a nice day,

Iva Horáčková
Personal Recruiter

Group GmbH, organizační složka
Lighthouse Vltava Waterfront Towers,
Jankovcova 1569/2c - 170 00, Praha 7, Czech Republic
Tel.: +420-296-739-060, Mobile: +420-737-090-081

21:03, polacywpradze
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